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Animal Welfare Association of New Jersey

AWA Programs

Charro was found tied up in the backyard of an abandoned Camden house. The family brought him to AWA’s adoption center where our staff gave him a physical, neutered and vaccinated him. Happily, a loving woman adopted him just in time for the holidays!

We connect wonderful pets to loving owners. All adoptable pets are vaccinated, vetted, and spayed or neutered before going to homes. Some pets come to us needing medical or behavioral care. We have no time limit for healthy animals in our care. Last year, we found homes for over 2,500 pets.

Visit our Adoption Page for more information and to view our pets.

Dooley was tranferred to us from an over-crowded shelter. Our staff saw through his overly rambunctious temperament that he was a highly intelligent. We made a few calls on his behalf and placed him with the Search Dog Foundation in California where he received training. His trainers said, “We all love to work with him as much as he loves to work!”

Dooley–and so many other dogs and cats–have been saved because of our Transfer Program. We transport dogs, cats, and small animals from other shelters so they don’t have to euthanize for space. Once our staff evaluates the pets for medical and behavioral problems, they are placed in our adoption center.

A street cat, Aspen, managed to survive and mother at least three generations of Camden street cats. She was suffering from a severe uterine infection and would have died if she hadn’t been brought to AWA’s clinic for spaying. We spayed her and administered needed medical care.

AWA spayed or neutered over 10,150 pets last year, making us a leader in the region. In addition to our low-cost spay/neuter programs, we offer innovative, low-cost spay/neuter programs (below) that actively reduce pet overpopulation and euthanasia.

  • Feral Fix
  • SniPit
  • Camden Project
  • Affordable Fix
  • Rescue Fix

For information, please visit our Clinic homepage here.

One foster family helped save more than 50 kittens in one year, bottle-feeding and medicating tiny, sick kittens,. “It’s a lot of work but so worth it,” one dedicated family says. They had two “foster failures”—pets they couldn’t part with. One was Simone, an adult yellow tabby cat rescued from a hoarder house. The other was Flash, a kitten they bottle-fed and cared from a week old.

Foster care saves the lives of homeless kitten, puppies, dogs and cats that require additional care that can only be provided in a home. AWA foster care programs provides families with training, supplies and veterinary care needed for foster pets. Last year, more than 900 pets were fostered in our program. Visit our Foster Care page.

A family in financial crisis needed to give up their two beloved Pit Bull dogs, Rexi and Lexi. They contacted us as AWA but our shelter was full to capacity. During our conversation, the family expressed concern about ensuring that the dogs would go to a good home. What seemed like a hopeless situation turned around after counseling with the family on “rehoming”–avoiding the shelter route by having the owner find homes directly for their pets. We provided an array of tips, advice and resources to aid their search for loving homes for Rexi and Lexi.

Just three days later, the dog owners called to say that they had found loving homes for both dogs! We advised them that the dogs should be spayed/neuteredbefore going to their new homes and set up the surgery at our spay/neuter clinic for the next day. Learn more about our Rehoming Program and Pets Looking For People

Stories like these happen every day at AWA. We’re helping to make South Jersey a better place for pets, one dog and cat at a time!

Our volunteers take therapy dogs to local skilled nursing, assisted living and continuing care communities to help reduce depression, anxiety, and feelings of isolation among the residents.

An assisted living resident, Ronald, 84, had to say good bye to his dog when he moved from his home to the facility. On the days when our pet therapy dog, Lucy, and volunteer arrive, his demeanor and attitude brighten. Now, Ronald’s “new job “ is walking Lucy and accompanying the volunteer as they visit the other residents.

Learn more here about our Pet Therapy Program and volunteering or email us.