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Animal Welfare Association of New Jersey

Pet Retention & Rehoming Resources

Retention & Rehoming Resources

For many years, people were told to go to a shelter if they couldn’t keep their pets. This was a way to keep pets off the streets, yet it resulted in and continues to result in euthanasia. As times have changed, communities are seeking out ways to save animals’ lives. This is why AWA is now offering both pet retention and pet rehoming resources.

Pet Retention

Are you or a loved one facing a crisis situation? Before you decide to rehome your pet, please take a look at our pet retention resources. There may be another option that allows you to keep your beloved companion.

Pet Rehoming

The decision to rehome a pet is difficult, but sometimes it is the best decision for both the humans and the pet. We are here to provide counseling and make this transition easy and stress-free for all involved.